ReportServer on G2 Crowd

During the last weeks we have seen some fantastic new reviews of ReportSever on the B2B platform G2 Crowd and we are delighted that we have reached the number of reviews necessary to be listed on the G2 Crowd grid (bottom center).


Now, G2 Crowd lists ReportServer as a niche product and rates us in midfield regarding to customer satisfaction. While ReportServer is still definitely a niche product (although we hope that this will change) we are quite confident that our customers, i.e. you, are both happy with ReportServer itself and with our service (if not, please feel free to drop us a line). And indeed, we are currently rated only in mid-field mostly because of the (low) number of reviews that we have and not because of their content. (Thanks at this point for all the great reviews.)

It would be fantastic if we could climb up the rating ladder and for this we need your help. So if you like ReportServer and if you find yourself with a few spare minutes please help us by rating ReportServer and writing a short (or long) review.

And finally for something completely different. We have been a bit quite about this in the past weeks but we would like to give you a first glimpse of ReportServer 3.0. So here it goes:


A Preview of ReportServer 3.0

As you can see, there have been a few changes to the Dashboard and theme. We won’t say more at this point, but there will be further news soon.