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ReportServer is open source software under the aGPL licences. For you that means: free usage, an extendable architecture and a large community that will support you with any questions you might have concerning ReportServer. If you are looking for custom licensing options or commercial support (including guaranteed response times and advanced documentation) take a look at our competitive support subscriptions.

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ReportServer is a complete Business Intelligence solution that leaves little to desire. It integrates the best reporting engines available on the market allowing you to choose which engine best fits your current need. With JasperReports and Eclipse Birt ReportServer supports two great open source reporting engines. Additionally, we have included basic support for SAP Crystal Reports which we plan to extend upon in future versions. On top of that, ReportServer comes with two native reporting engines: its dynamic list and script reports. Dynamic Lists provide a powerful, yet easily understandable solution for adhoc-reporting. Script reports on the other hand are your swiss army knife to handle even the most complex reporting requirements such as interactive reports. To perfect the picture, ReportServer comes with powerful tools for administrators, a mighty privilege management system, great support for teams, and much more. In short: ReportServer is the ideal Business Intelligence platform for companies of any size.

Curious? Then take a look for yourself and find out how ReportServer can revolutionize the reporting chain in your company.

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You want to give ReportServer a try? But you do not want to first register or download the software and install it locally (although given our easy installer packet and the free configuration guide this could be easily arranged)? Then why not have a look at our online demo system. Together with the evaluation guide this allows you to get a first impression of what ReportServer offers.

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Support and Dokumentation

For a quick start and as a technical reference several documentation packages for ReportServer are available. Besides the freely available evaluation and configuration guides additional documentation is included in our support packages. Don't need the extra value offered by our support subscriptions? The documentation is, of course, also available individually.

You require commercial support, a service level agreement with guaranteed response times or a managed release cycle with tested upgrade instructions? We at datenwerke offer standardized support subscriptions as well as customized packages to fit your needs. Take a look at our competitive support offers.


Version 2.2 Preview 1 released. We are happy to announce the release of ReportServer version 2.2 Preview 1 which is now available for download from sourceforge. The latest version supports Pivot for dynamic lists and the highlight of the matter is that you easily can represent these dynamic lists graphically.

Reports can be given from now on in jXLS and allowing jXLS reports using SQL statements incorporate directly.

ReportServer is now available with preliminary translations into 30 languages. The Update also enables a simple Integration of Report dashboards into other Web applications.

For more details read our Blog.

Tutorial on SAP Crystal Reports. A new ReportServer Tutorial explaining the basic steps to use SAP Crystal Reports in ReportServer was published. Go to the tutorial.

Tutorial on the Integration of LDAP. We've published a new tutorial explaining how to integrate LDAP authentication in ReportServer. Go to the tutorial.