SAP HANA in the next ReportServer 4.6.0

ReportServer is a powerful reporting and business intelligence platform supporting SAP HANA. With the next ReportServer version 4.6.0 you can easily create, manage and distribute reports based on the data stored in your SAP HANA database:

One of the main advantages of using ReportServer with SAP HANA is the ability to process large amounts of data. With SAP HANA, you can store massive amounts of data in memory, which is ideal for high-performance reporting and analysis. ReportServer takes advantage of this capability, providing a fast and efficient way to extract data from SAP HANA and create reports that users across the organization can access.

Another benefit of using ReportServer with SAP HANA is its flexibility. ReportServer supports a wide range of data sources including relational databases, OLAP cubes and flat files. This means YOU can easily combine data from SAP HANA with data from other sources to create powerful, cross-functional reports that provide insights into all areas of your business.

ReportServer also offers a number of advanced features to help YOU get the most out of your SAP HANA data. For example, it supports data visualization tools such as charts, graphs, and tables, as well as advanced reporting features such as drilldown, subreports, and conditional formatting. With these tools, you can create reports tailored to your unique needs and provide a rich, interactive user experience.

Then, ReportServer offers a range of deployment options that allow for easy integration into your existing SAP HANA infrastructure. Whether YOU are using SAP HANA on-premises or in the cloud, ReportServer is easy to deploy and configure to fit seamlessly into your environment.

In summary, ReportServer is an excellent choice if you are looking for a powerful and flexible reporting and business intelligence platform powered by SAP HANA. With its advanced features, fast performance, and support for a wide range of data sources, ReportServer can help you get the most out of your SAP HANA data and uncover insights that drive your business forward.